How Much Are The Shipping Costs?

Shipping Within The Domestic US:

In the domestic US, shipping is FREE for orders $75 and over. All orders under $75 have a flat-rate of just $5.99 (no matter how many items are in your order).

International Shipping:

Outside the US, we ship to Canada, Mexico, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand. Unfortunately, the way our suppliers and technology works -- we don't know the final shipping cost until *after* it is shipped to you.

Therefore, what we do is charge you an initial up-front shipping cost (for each $20 in your order, we charge $10 additional shipping). Then after it ships, we refund you everything above our actual cost. The final shipping charge to you is usually about $8 per item. 

For example, if you order 4 items and the total is $100, then we will initially charge you $50 shipping cost. After it ships, we would refund you approximately $18 (4 items times $8 per item is $32 actual shipping cost).

We apologize in advance that shipping to non-US destinations is both confusing and more expensive than we would like. Therefore, we recommend ordering over $75 of products (to get free US shipping) and have the products shipped first to somebody in the United States. That friend can then re-ship them to you at a much more reasonable cost.

At this time we are not shipping outside of the above mentioned countries. If you would like to be notified when we offer shipping to your country, click here to contact us and we will add you to the Early Notification List.

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